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modern glass dining room sets

modern glass dining room sets

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Modern dining room sets are very suitable for your home with a modern concept. Usually the colors used are dark colors like black, red, and combined with white to get a modern and elegant impression on the modern theme. You who have a dining room large enough, you can choose a table with a table leg is made of tubular steel with glass tabletops. For the seat, you can use the chair of rattan wrapped with white cloth which would use the foam on the seat and on the seat back support.

The combination of colors of modern dining room sets

Colors are most often used on the concept of modern dining table is black and white with a touch of red. Most of the equipment dining room is made of glass, steel, and rarely use wood. By using wood it will only make the concept of ancient and modern become as normal. There is also the use of round white chandelier to complete of the modern concept. You can also add a relationship vase with bright yellow sunflower to liven up the atmosphere in your dining room is. You can also use a carpet on the floor to warm your feet.

Decorating the dining room modern style

If you like, you can add an abstract painting on the wall of the dining room. This will add to your dining atmosphere became more passionate because these paintings that evoke the atmosphere in the dining room. Floors which you can choose the form of white or colored ceramic floor can also marble. Avoid the use of wood in this modern concept. You can also use the chairs colorful like pink, yellow, and purple to be combined with a glass table. Hopefully this information can be useful to you in decorating the dining room in your home dear.