Butterfly Wall Décor for Ladies Room

Butterfly wall décor certainly fits to ladies room only. The beauty of butterfly’s wings resembles the beauty of women with every inch of their parts. No matter what style you are being fond of, butterfly will always work on your room décor.

How to Apply Butterfly Wall Décor in your Room?

You cannot just put any random butterfly in your room unless you want to make your room looks messy. Working as a decoration for your wall, the color of your butterfly is supposed to go together with your wall color. Once you are settled with the color of your wall, you can start to search perfect butterfly for your wall décor. You need to keep in mind that you need to choose proper color combinations that will work together on your room, not a certain color that you like the most.

What things you need to pay attention?

You need to consider wisely in the placement of your butterfly décor. Choose a perfect spot that will help you to show off your butterfly. Next, is about the size of your butterfly décor, you need to decide whether the size of your décor is supposed to be small or big. You need to calculate it wisely so that your wall décor is not overlapping with other rooms’ ornament.