Decorating Lanterns for Your Room

Decorating lanterns are one the art product. For a long time people already know about the lantern. The lantern is the device that could be a lighting source for the dark condition. There are some types of the lantern. They are paper lantern, traditional lantern, and the modern lantern. The modern lantern is divided into two kinds; they are the electricity lantern and the fuel lantern.

How to make the decorating lantern?

Well, the people think that it is difficult to make a beautiful lantern. Actually, it is not difficult as it seems. For the example is the procedures to make paper lantern is easy. First, prepare the materials that are needed to make the paper lantern such as scissors, glue, thread and needle, paper to make the lantern. Then, follow the tutorial about how to make the paper lantern. It is already available in the internet. The shape of the lantern is in various shapes. It can be small, big, round, and also rectangle. It is according to the taste of the people.


Where we can buy the lantern?

Actually, the lantern is usually founded in Chinese village. It is because the Chinese culture is very famous with lantern and cannot be separated from the lantern.