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white dining room table

white dining room table

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Dining room table can also equip your restaurant or cafe yours. Various shapes and designs of the dining table have now been enlivening the restaurant world that is growing very rapidly. Many restaurants are intentionally making a dining table for their own restaurant with a design that is very unique and attractive as possible. For example for a Japanese restaurant, then the owner will make some of the bench with a small table and the short form without chairs to eat, but of adding some foam padding to sit the guests to be more tender.

Choosing dining room table for your restaurant

Many options can be set to adjust to the theme of your restaurant. First you have to understand as well as a draft pick on your restaurants before choosing a set of dining table and chairs. For example, if you have a theme of outdoor restaurant, you can use a rectangular table by using a long seat without the backrest. Combine well with a couple of chairs with a backrest that is coated by the foam on the seat holder and has also lined with leather or fabric on the seat and back support. You can also use a round dining table that can accommodate people sitting between 4 to 6 people.

Unique design for restaurant dining table

In addition to several types table above, you can also use some of the table with a square shape that is small with 2 chairs for 2 visitors. Additionally, you can choose a color for the table and chairs at your restaurant to match the theme of your restaurant. Some restaurant owners can also use tables and plastic chairs, but it reduces the value of the beauty of the room your restaurant. Adjust your budget with the theme of your restaurant.