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wedding party jewelry

wedding party jewelry

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Wedding jewelry should be used for the wedding party. However, you need to know some things before you choose it. For the first, you need to match it with the gown. What does it mean? It means that you should consider about the gown before you choose the jewelry. If you wear strapless dress, it is better for you to choose big jewelry. This is intended to make your appearance not too simple. For the second, you need to match it with the theme. If the theme is gold, you cannot wear silver jewelry. This is not suitable for you.

What is the suitable wedding jewelry for strapless dress?

For the first, you should choose the big jewelry. This is intended to make your appearance does not look that ‘empty’. This will give sweet look for you. Then, you need to choose jewelry which is in a package. There are some packages of jewelry. You need to choose in a package. If it is in a package, you will have the same design of the jewelry. This will give you a harmonic look. For the last, you need to consider the material. The pearls will be the most suitable jewelry to be worn for the wedding party.

Simple jewelry for the simple wedding party

Simple jewelry means that the design is simple of course. There is no much ornament for the jewelry. For the necklace, you just need to have the pendant. The pendant should be simple also. You can use one pearl for the pendant. This can be worn by you if you wear the much designed dress. In other word, if you wear simple dress, this cannot be worn by you. This is caused by when you use simple necklace for simple dress, this will be too ‘empty’ for the brides.