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winter wedding bouquets

winter wedding bouquets

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Wedding bouquets can be chosen simply. What does it mean? It means that you can choose the bouquet as simple as possible. There are some rules that should be followed by you. Think about the theme first. After you know the theme, you can choose the flower easily. This is caused by flower should be matched with the theme. If you have Vintage theme, pastel colors will be the best option. For another option, you can choose white flower for Vintage theme. Then, you should choose the size. The size will make you are easier in finding how many flowers you want. For big size, you will need more than 15 flowers in a bouquet.

Arrangements of the flower for wedding bouquets

There is some flowers’ arrangement which can be chosen by you. For the first is round arrangement. Round arrangement is the simplest arrangement. You need to have some flowers then you bind the flowers with ribbon for example. This is suitable to be used for Vintage theme. For the second, you can arrange it like the real bouquet. What does it mean? It means that the bouquet will have something to be handled. This can be made from the branches of the flower.

Flower bouquet: Flower, pearl, and leaves

There are some combinations for the bouquet. For the first is original flower. Original here means that there is only flower in a bouquet. This will be more expensive than other. However, this is the sweetest bouquet ever. For the second is flower and leaves. This will not be that expensive. This will have lower price than original bouquet. You just need to combine the flower and leaves then bind it with ribbon. For the last, you can put the pearls on the original flower bouquet. This will be the most expensive.