How to Decorate a Bedroom without Windows?

How to decorate a bedroom with no windows? Can you make the windowless bedroom feel refreshing? How about the lighting? Those questions are mostly asked by people who want to make a windowless room as the bedroom. Most of them are afraid that without the sunlight the bedroom will not feel comfortable or refreshing. You do not need to worry if you know how to decorate your windowless bedroom.

How to Decorate a Bedroom to More Refreshing?

For this case, a skylight can be an option. But this option comes up with the risk because if you think to have a rest or take a nap in the middle of the day then you can be disturbed with the unavoidable sunlight. Therefore, you can add a cover for your skylight but you need to remember to always clean it from the dust.

Decorate a Windowless Bedroom with Light Color

Light color of paint can be a perfect option that comes with no risk at all. Combine the light colors with spotlights that can be a great way to brightening your windowless bedroom. False windows can also be a perfect combination for your light colored walls. Installed an LED wash behind your false windows then you can feel the natural light comes into your bedroom.