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How to decorate living room with books is the title of this article. Books are precious things in our daily life. It’ll be great if we can read books every day. As important part of our life, books should be treating nicely. One of the ways to treat the books is by arranging the book nicely in the bookshelves. But, is that all? Well, of course not. By using creativity, we can create a decoration using our precious books together with the bookshelves. Is that possible? Let’s check together!   Great Designed Bookshelves for: How to Decorate Living Room The first thing that we should prepare is the bookshelf. To create a nice look, we need a nice bookshelf. You can choose the wide bookshelves that made from woods. You can choose the one with pattern of other designs too. You need to put it in the corner of the living room.   The Arrangement of Books to Decorate the Living Room The second thing and the most important thing is the arrangement of the books. You can arrange the books to create a pattern or symbols. You can also arrange the books along with other small decorations to create a nice look.