How to have Shabby Chic Decorations?

Shabby chic decorations has their own aesthetic value; some people may want their houses look neat, clean and clear, replete with the newest furniture. But others have some perceptions; some people argue that rusty and shabby looks furniture and decorations have their own aesthetic value. Some even fabricate new furniture with shabby and rusty look in order to fulfill customers’ demands.

How to create shabby chic decorations?

You can start off decorating your house with shabby chic design by choosing shabby chic furniture or ornaments. Your shabby chic design may include mirrors, decorative pillows, rugs & throws, and also wallpaper or wall art with shabby theme. For the color scheme, you may use shabby colors such as grey, light brown or other colors that will accentuate your shabby looks of your furniture.

What do you need for your shabby décor?

You will need shabby wooden furniture for your shabby chic décor; you may also use wood for your floor to enhance shabby feels. You can paint your wall with natural color, or colors that will blend perfectly with your shabby furniture. Shabby chic designs suit you who would like to bring warm, cozy and friendly atmosphere to your house. This kind of design will make you feel calm and comfortable.