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kitchen wall decor

kitchen wall decor

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Kitchen décor is very important thing that should be considered for those who have kitchen. Without proper decoration, it is impossible to achieve amazing or interesting look of the kitchen. It is common for people to miss this place to be decorated since people have more concern on other rooms. However, kitchen actually needs to be decorated just like other rooms. In order to make sure it happens, there are some elements that can be explored and decorated nicely. The first element will be the furniture. There is actually furniture set that can be selected. Using a set is generally better than piece-by-piece installation since it creates uniformity within the kitchen. In addition, it is also cheaper than purchasing single furniture. Therefore, basically it is beneficial.

Color Element to Fix Kitchen Décor

Decorating kitchen is typically difficult when there are too many colors presented. Therefore, it is better to limit the color impression before everything is too late. There is one good rule about color. It is a composition of 5: 1. This is a composition of two different color. It actually means inserting 20% amount of contrastive color tone in decoration. If there are three different colors, then 3: 2: 1 composition applies. It is to make sure the main color tone is not cluttered or distorted with other minor colors. The minors will complement the major composition creating synchronous impression. This is definitely great element for making kitchen awesome.

Last Element for Decorating Kitchen Further

Changing mood of kitchen can be done easily through lighting. There are some types of lighting. Some of them function for making room bright while some others for making room dramatic. Choosing wisely between two alone can enhance the appearance of kitchen. Moreover, there is a fixture that actually can dictate the way a lighting look. It is a great element for making kitchen awesome.