Letter, Romantic, and Vintage Wedding Cake Topper

Wedding cake topper can be made for three themes for example namely letter, romantic, and vintage. For the first is letter toper. Letter can be your full name for example. However, some people want to have the letter for the initial. This means that topper will be the initial for the brides. This cake topper will have two sizes namely big and small. It is better for you to choose big letter one. The letter should be people initial only. This will be sweeter than the small one. For the cake decoration, you cannot decorate too much. The leaves and branch can be the decoration for the cake.

Romantic wedding cake topper for romantic wedding theme

Romantic cake topper will be sweet. There are some characteristics of that. For the first is from the body language of the topper. What does it mean? It means that the topper should have romantic body language. They can have hug body language. Then, they can have a dance. They can dance with the brides. Kissing can be the romantic topper also. However, if there is toddler in your wedding party, it is better for you to choose hug topper. This is caused by toddlers cannot see about that.

Beautiful rustic and vintage cake topper 

There are some characteristics of rustic and vintage cake topper. For the first is from the color. The color used can be brown and pastel. For rustic theme, brown will be the best color for you. For vintage theme, there should be flower pattern. Flower pattern can be put in the side of the cake. You can also have the flower pattern as the top of the vintage cake. For the rustic, trees and pines become the pattern. You can have white cake then, trees and pines should be the pattern of the cake.