Lovely Girl’s Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Girl’s bedroom decorating ideas are awesome ideas for decorating girl’s bedroom. In this article, we’ll talk about the lovely themes for girl’s bedroom. The girls in this case are the girls who are under 10 years old. The girls under 10 years old are still innocent who still wearing lovely and cute clothes. They’re still watching cartoon from Disney Channel or Barbie. That’s why the lovely ideas will be about the cartoon and Barbie themes.


Cartoon Theme for Girl’s Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Since the girls are still into cartoon around these ages, we can use cartoon as the lovely theme for our girl’s bedroom. There are so many characters in the cartoon movies that we can choose such as the animals in the “Madagascar Movie Series”, the princess from princess themed cartoon, and many more. You can easily found the wallpaper with those characters on it in the stores.


Barbie Theme for Girls Bedroom

Barbie theme was picked because the girls are still into Barbie movies around those ages. Instead of Barbie pictures as the wallpaper of the bedroom, you can use the wallpaper that used for the Barbie’s room. That’ll be a nice idea since your girls might think that she’s like the Barbie with that kind of room.