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home theater room decor design

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Home theater décor for your private home entertainment can be decorated in such way so that will give looks that you would like to show off. The decoration is of course supposed to be based on your personal preference. You may decorate your home theater with cozy or luxury looks are all based on your personal taste since this is your private home entertainment. How to choose home theater décor?  Since this is your private home theater, you may choose every types of décor that you like best. If you would like to make you home theater looks cozy and warm, you may design it the same with your gathering room. You can put fireplace or other ornament you may have in your family room. How to make your home theater looks luxury? Some argue that home theater consider being a sophisticated and precious stuff you own, therefore you need to put it in the special room with an outstanding décor. Outstanding here sometimes means luxurious, you may personally decorate luxury room replete with expensive furniture to support your precious home theater. You may also play with the light, you can make your room looks bright or dark with the color tones variations and the support of the lighting.