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enage bedroom decorating ideas and pictures

teenage bedroom decorating ideas and pictures

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Teen bedroom decorating ideas are the ideas for decorating teen bedrooms. Teenagers are in the middle position where they won’t be called kid anymore yet can’t be called adult too. In the teenager phase, many teenagers want to express their ideas and showing much of their energy toward people around them. It’ll be hard to guessing what they actually like since it can be changes every minute. In the case of decorating the bedroom, parents should be careful about the themes. You can’t use cartoon anymore. How about the simple design that used for many adult bedrooms? Will it be work?   Simple Wallpaper for Teen Bedroom Decorating Ideas It’s possible to get the simple theme for teens. It’s because they are heading towards the adult zone, so simple theme is much better than cartoon theme. You can start with using simple wallpaper with pastel colors such as light pink color, blue color, and many more.   Old Toys for Teen Bedroom Decoration Even though they already teenagers, we can’t simply put away everything that they has when they were kids. There are many things that should be considered as memories such as old toys. You can’t put away their favorite old toys. You can use them as part of the bedroom decoration.