Some Themes of Wedding Reception for the Example

Wedding reception will have some themes. In other word, there are some themes which can be applied for the reception. For the first is elegant reception. Elegant here means that the reception will be full of gold and soft brown. This means that there will be combination for both of the colors. For the second is Vintage theme. Vintage means that the hall for reception will be full of flowers. Besides that, the color used for the reception is pastel of course. For the last is outdoor theme. This theme does not need hall. However, the design should be exclusive for getting guests’ attention.

What should be done for getting the best wedding reception?

There are some considerations for getting the best reception for you. For the first, you need to prepare anything. The preparation should be for the theme and anything about details. For the second, you need to choose the material for the theme. This means that the material should be high quality. This is intended to get the best look from the best material. Best material will bring exclusive look. Then, you need to consider about the place or let’s say hall for the reception. The hall should be big if you invite more than 500 hundreds people.

Details (invitation, decoration, and souvenir) of the reception

There are some details which should be though by you. For the first is about the invitation. Invitation should be based on the theme. This can be a sign for people to dress well. For the second is about the decoration. The decoration should be based on the theme also. The decoration should have more details about the theme. For the last is about the souvenir. Souvenir is up to you. However, you need to choose the functional souvenir for people.