Types of Wedding Centerpieces for Each Wedding Theme

Wedding centerpieces can be used on the table. This means that this can be the sweet thing on your table. This can be used in every table. In other word, if you use it for souvenir table for example, you should use it in every table. This centerpiece usually use flower. There are some arrangements which can be chosen by you. Before you choose the arrangement, you need to know the theme first. Theme will lead you to choose the best flowers. If it is Vantage theme, white flower will be the best for you. Then, you need to think about where you put the flower.

Things for putting the wedding centerpieces

There are some things which can be used to put the centerpieces. For the first, you can use jar. For using the jar, there are two options. You can put it inside the jar or you can put the flower in a jar but in a full of flower. This means that the jar will have same function with vase. If you put it in the jar, you should cut the branch. For the second, you can use candlestick for the flower. If you use candlestick, each candlestick will be used for one flower only.

Centerpieces combination of candle and flower

You can combine flower and candle in the same place. There are some ideas for that. For the first, you need to have big candlestick for the centerpieces. After that, you should use something like oil. You need to put the flower first, then the oil. After that, for the top of the candlestick, you put the candle. For the second, you can use glass. You should turn round the glass. Before you do that, put the flower inside the glass. Then, you can put the candle on the glass.