Wedding Cake Decorating for More Beautiful Wedding

Cake decorating in a wedding day is one of the important things to do. For that, here some action you can use for as a guide in making your own wedding cake. Read it thoroughly, below!


Cake Decorating in a Wedding: Starting

Before starting to plan these ideas, first of all, you have to pick the main theme for your wedding. Then, for the cake, choose the theme for the cake, the main material for the wedding cake, the look of the cake decorations, and the presentation of all of them. After it’s done, before starting to decorate the wedding cake, make sure the cake’s condition is alright. First, make sure that it is already in the right size, with more than enough servings, such as under 100 servings, 100-150 servings, 150-200 servings, or more than 200 servings. Second, make sure that the flavor is edible and not-so-sweet.


Wedding Cake Decoration

Is it done? Now, prepare the supplies and start decorating. You can ask the food preparation team for their help or you also can make your own cake with your own hand. Start with choosing the perfect icing, of course, with the most matched colors. In this section, one important thing you have to remember is picking the most suitable wedding cake topper. Use your preference on it, match it with you and your bride/groom’s taste, personalities, or fondness, and make your own unique wedding cake.