Wedding Decoration: Wedding Shower Decorations Example

Wedding shower decorations will have some themes. For the first is rustic theme. Rustic theme has some characteristics. This theme will be dominated by trees and pines detail. This can be shown from the detail of the room for example. Besides that, this can be shown from the cupcake or cake. For the second is full color theme. Full color is identic with the using of more than two colors. This should be used for people who want to have fun wedding shower. For the third is couples theme. This will be unique because everything has the pair. This will be used for you who want to have unique wedding shower.

Details used for wedding shower decorations

There are some details which should be used in the wedding shower. For the first is gift. Gift is like souvenir. However, the gift should be functional. You can give cupcake in a jar for example. They can re-use the jar for another thing. For the second is the dessert. There should be desserts there. The desserts should be arranged rightly. This is intended to give cute look for the dessert. For the last is the letter. You can put the letter to make people know about the brides. The initial letter will be the best option for you.

How to decorate the wedding shower party?

There are some steps to be followed by you. For the first is preparation. In the preparation, you need to decide the theme and any details on it. For the second, you need to work for it. You should make the room free then you can decorate the room. You should start from the hardest one to make your work is easier. For the last, you need to fix the decoration. This means that you need to look at the decoration and find the missing one.